The Ashtabula Local Food Council is an initiative created to develop a sustainable, local food culture in Ashtabula County. Our primary goals are:


  • County-wide recognition and preference for local agricultural products for consumers and community programs such as school lunches and meals on wheels
  • Greater nutrition and diet for Ashtabula County residents
  • Strong family farms and farming communities
  • Cohesive local market distribution and marketing systems
  • Soil and water conservation
  • Economic justice for farmers and farm workers
  • Agricultural land preservation


By focusing on education, networking, and community and business support, the Local Food Council hopes to achieve greater local employment opportunities, ensure adequate nutrition for our most vulnerable populations, promote the stewardship of agricultural land, and preserve our environmental treasures. It is our goal that the Food Council be comprised of county leadership in agriculture, health, social services, education, and business.

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