Backyard Chicken Keeping: Reading List

Ashtabula Local Food Council encourages backyard chicken keeping as a vital part of backyard and local food production.  The city of Ashtabula is considering an ordinance allowing chickens and other small, domesticated farm animals within city limits for 2017, and we are in support of an ordinance that would allow the majority of property owners in the city to keep poultry and other small animals.  To view our letter of support to the City Council, click below.

Letter to Ashtabula City Council

The following list of resources provide well-rounded information on ordinances, best practices for backyard animals husbandry, and support for backyard food production.  Please do not hesitate to contact us with additional questions.

Ordinance & Legal Information

Chicken & Bees Ordinance: Cleveland Revamps Zoning Codes to Promote Urban Agriculture

Cleveland Zoning Code 347.02: Restrictions on the Keeping of Farm Animals and Bees

Ohio Chicken Zoning Ordinances

eXtension: Developing Regulations for Keeping Urban Chickens


General Animal Husbandry Information

Ohio State University Extension Poultry Resources

eXtension’s Recommendation for Poultry Space Allowance

OSU 4-H Guidebook for Broilers (see page 4 for recommendation on space allowance)

University of Maryland Extension: Raising Your Home Chicken Flock

University of New Hampshire Extension: Housing & Space Guidelines for Livestock

Humane Farm Animal Care Comprehensive Animal Welfare Standards Comparison By Program – Chickens, Beef Cattle and Pigs (see page 6 for information on space allowance)

eXtension: Small & Backyard Flocks

Complete Guide to Raising Chickens

Supplemental Reading

How Many Calories Are In an Egg?

Benefits of Local Honey

Six Reasons to Keep Chickens

The Benefits of Owning Farm Animals in the City