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Contact: Mardy Townsend
Home 7490 Noble Rd Windsor OH 44099 Home Phone: 440-272-5174 Blog: Marshy Meadows Farms in the Ohio Country Journal

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Norman and Marge Townsend first purchased and moved to the family’s Ashtabula County farm near Windsor in 1972. Through the ‘70s and early ‘80s they acquired additional land to get the farm to its current 226-acre size. They named the land Marshy Meadow Farms, and for good reason, said their daughter Mardy Townsend, who currently operates the farm. The land is very wet. It’s that combination of dampness on the east side of Noble Road where the farm lies, and highly erodible land on the west side of the road, combined with the area’s long, cold winters that prompted Townsend to transition the farm to all grass farming in 1990. Since then, a grass fed beef cattle herd has been the farm’s primary enterprise.

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