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Contact: Sylvio Pellegrino
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Pellegrino Pastures LLC is a family owned and operated small farm just outside of Jefferson Ohio. Seated on 11 acres and growing to 20 plus acres by the end of this spring and planning to grow more in the near future. All of the animals raised here at Pellegrino Pasture LLC are free to rome the pastures and have the shelter they need to get out of the weather when they desire.

Most of our animals are from time to time hand fed by our children and are fairly easy to handle. Our steer and sheep are grass fed and sometimes given grain for their last 4-6 weeks to add a little marbling as strictly grass fed are known for being very lean. Some of our customers prefer no grain be given to the steer they are getting and we happily accommodate! 

Our meat chickens are given plenty of room to run around. Many meat chickens grow too fast for their legs to handle the weight. Growing them slow and giving them room to run around helps them to stay healthy and stay mobile. We are not huge and we are not experts, but we are learning, we are raising healthy animals and we are providing great tasting healthy products.

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