ALFC Initiatives – May Update

In addition to the community and grower-oriented projects, ALFC is working to gather information about as many aspects of Local Food as possible.  This includes learning about existing food policy, studying the food system, and reaching out to as many growers as possible.

Our producer survey has been filled out by approximately half of the county growers we’ve been able to find, and we have a goal of reaching out to all of them!  The existing responses allowed us to roll out the first phase of the Local Food Guide.  If you’re not listed in our Farm Directory, it’s because we haven’t heard from you yet!  Fill out the survey, or send in a directory submission.  It’s an easy, quick way to get information about your operation out to the world.

If you’re interested in helping us conduct the policy audit, or contact local growers for the producer survey, please get in touch! 

Be sure to check our project page for other updates!

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