Local Food on the Lake: The Makings of a Meal, Part 1

Local Food on the Lake is a celebration of Ashtabula County’s fabulous local food offerings!  To properly honor the amazing food grown right here, it’s important to know the growers, their farms, and the work they do.


Ohio Heritage Farm is donating a whole pig to the dinner.  The chefs will use it for pulled pork and porchetta.

Ohio Heritage Farm is located in Saybrook, and in addition to their pork, they also grow a huge selection of fresh produce, beef, and poultry.  The Forinash Family strives for low-impact and sustainable growing practices, and the result is a product that tastes amazing.  Ohio Heritage Farm operates a CSA and sells at the weekly Geneva and Ashtabula Farmers Markets.

Please show Ohio Heritage some love on Facebook, or at their website.


Marshy Meadows Farm is donating ground beef to the dinner.  The chefs will use it for hamburgers.

Marshy Meadows Farm is located in Windsor, and produces top-quality grass-fed beef.  The farm is certified organic, and the beef is certified grass-fed.  Grass-fed beef is higher in omega-3s, leaner, and with an unmistakable flavor that can only come from grass.  Mother-daughter farmers, Marge and Mardy Townsend, work not only to produce sustainable beef, but to create a sanctuary for meadowlark and bobolink on their farm.  Marshy Meadows Farm is an OEFFA-certified organic farm.


Watch this page over the next few days as we highlight every grower and participant for Local Food on the Lake!


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